Hello! My name is Liz.

I am a Movement Empowerment ArtistInternational Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Model & Major Food Lover.

By the time I was 25, I had worked over 25 different jobs before quitting my job at a tech startup in NYC to commit my life to creating joy through movement.
Movement has propelled me to transform my pain driven life, from my journey with scoliosis, to one enriched with strength, creativity & joy.

I believe in power of self awareness, inner strength and treating yourself in moderation, for a healthy balanced life. 

I believe learning & expressing are the keys to growth & happiness. My mission is to forever be a student & teacher, to empower 'others through the mind + body + soul to lead a electrifying, delicious and colorful life.

My vision is to ignite the fire within every person I encounter to catalyze the WARRIOR thats waiting to be unleashed.  


National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
Yogaworks 200 hr Mindful Vinyasa  Yoga Teacher
Liftonic Movement Empowerment Unicorn