be bold darling


Strength Coach. Yoga Teacher. Dancer. Artist.

During recovery after an ovarian tumor operation, Liz wanted to dance but she couldn’t cause that would fuck up all the surgeons sutures. Her body was used to motivating and teaching 10 hours a week at a rhythmic weightlifting studio in NYC but now all she was allowed to do was lay in bed. To keep her creativity energy and sanity, she began to draw and paint.

After her scars were healed she was pumped to find out the lump on her ovary that her doctor told her was cancerous was actually just a big blood vessel. Oozing with refueled passion and perspective on health & happiness she was determined to conquer all her childhood dreams, to be an artist and dance teacher.

Today she continues to create spontaneous avantdarq art in the mediums of illustration, paint, fabric and video. She believes the greatest work of art is the human heart body and mind. She teaches dance yoga and fitness classes to channel her love for anatomy, rooted from her scoliosis, and love for people who are determined to live their fullest and best life.


National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist
American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor
Body of knowledge anatomy & Biomechanics
Yogaworks 200 hour Register Teacher
Zumba Basics Instructor
University at Buffalo