Pain - Why I started exercising

Pain - a warning sign from our bodies to tell us “ Hey! There's something wrong here fix me before it gets worse! Or you'll be hurting a lot more later.” Often we ignore it, too consumed and busy with our lives or just think it will go away soon. But it has such a big effect over our lives when you're in constant pain.  The degrees to which people feel it is so different some are super sensitive and some have high pain tolerance.

Often times we don't treat the root of the problem and treat the symptoms and hence why we injure the same locations we must figure out why and fix it. It will take time and dedication but we will get stronger. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us and when we’re more in tune with that feedback we can listen.

I started working out in high school from back pain from scoliosis. After working with a chiropractor for a few months, the pain subsided and was manageable as long as I was doing my back strengthening exercises. About a decade later, I started experiencing shoulder pain that I found out after working with a physical therapist that was caused by the curve in my spine. Today I have to again work on new techniques to strengthen my weak traps and rhomboids to prevent further pain.

Pain is a constant reminder from our bodies that we’re doing something wrong and so I am thankful for it. That my body notices when things are off balance so I will listen to it and try to find the root of the problem.

The law of entropy states that everything gravitates towards chaos. If I’m not persistently working to prevent chaos everything will crumble. Trying to connect my body to my mind to be able to listen to it, is something I must work for constantly.