Netflix & Paint 🎨: Minimalism

This past weekend I decided to take time to do two activities that always lift my spirits.

1. Watch a Netflix documentary
2. Paint

At first I thought I would be painting mindlessly while the documentary played in the background but couldn't concentrate on either so I decided to combine them. This documentary was exactly what I needed at this point in my life and highly recommend to everyone that's looking for more meaning in their lives.

Highlights of my notes on aka reminders to myself on  ✒️ Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things

As a society we've been conditioned to define our self worth through compulsory consumption because it stimulates the economy. To live a life full of meaningless stuff that gives us temporary happiness but leaves us feeling empty later on.

But what about stimulating our soul? We all long for meaning in our lives but among all the noise and chaos in our lives it's easy to get caught in the rat race. Always on to the next big thing, rarely connecting to the present moment.

 In order to truly create purpose in our lives, we need to be willing to let go to things that serve us no value or brings us joy.  Question what you are spending most of your time and thoughts on. Does that connect to what you want your ideal life to be?  We need to tune inward to create time and space for the abundant life we want. We can do more with a lot less if we choose to live consciously and with intention.  Our version of success. Our vision. No one else's.

Live with Joy
Live with Passion
Live with Kindness
Live Long & Prosper 🙏