The start of Fitness Playground

I first started exercising regularly to 1) reduce back pain and 2) to look and feel better about myself. I would always just stick to about 30 minutes of a cardio machine then repeatedly do the same exercises I knew because I didn't want to embarrass myself or didn't know a lot of exercises. 

When I'm at the gym now I feel like a little kid and theres so many new toys to play with. Theres so many different new ways to move either my boy, the tool I'm using or both. I get excited. 

I think this shift in mindset happened over years of experimentation, exploration, watching other youtube videos and asking other people what they do in the gym.  I'm starting a new series of videos where I share my personal workouts, my thought process behind it along with any tips that I wish I had when I first started my journey and I still have to constantly remind myself now.

I think the how tos are important, but I think the reasons behind them are more fascinating because it allows every individual to uniquely design the workout that works best for their mind body and soul. My goal is to share my learnings to help others figure out the best path for themselves. Also, uploading the videos keeps me accountable to never stop learning and doing what makes me feel alive. 

Take a peek into why + how I play in my fitness playground (:


10 Tips from Fitness Playground 001

  1. If you don’t know where to begin, start with what you don’t want to do
  2. Warm up for about 10 minutes otherwise we’re more prone to injury. Sun Salutations are usually done in yoga but are a great warm up because it gets blood circulating to the entire body
    1. How to Simple Sun Sal
      1. Repeat
      2. Jump Forward 
      3. Pushup
      4. Plank
      5. Arm up over head like Jumping jack
  3. Jump Mindfully - Land Softly when jumping to protect your joints
  4. Use tools to make it easier for you - Resistant bands for pull ups are great because they reduce the amount of weight you pull up. Over practice and time it becomes easier and you can use light bands and eventually no bands (:
  5. Figure out a way to make it work for YOU so you can have fun while doing it. 
  6. Good music puts you in the mood to make you move. The app I use for almost 4 years now for all my workouts and for my classes is Favorite DJ Steady 130, Rolemodel, Mami Chula
  7. Put your body off balance to work your core so you don’t have to do 1000 sit-ups… ridic 
    1. Personally I hate doing sit ups, so instead I trick myself into working my core by working on balance because I enjoy that more. I’m forced to activate my core otherwise I would fall or shake
    2. How to activate - its the same muscles used when coughing. It kind of feels like you’re wearing a internal corset, not so much a sucking your belly button feeling but more like pressure in your hips and torso
  8. Channel an alter ego
    1. Using fictional or real life role models can help put you in the zone where you’re ready to work. Lately i’ve been channeling Wonder woman. Depending on the activity I channel others like Michael Phelps when I swim
      1. Connecting that Alter Ego with a song can also help! My favorites
        1. 2pac - Changes
        2. Rocky - Eye of the Tiger
        3. Eminem - Til I collapse
  9. Play around with different equipment and putting your body in different positions to keep your mind and body alert 
    1. What can be move? equipment
    2. How can you move? your body 
  10. Focus on what you have and can do not what you don’t have. 

Live with Joy
Live with Passion
Live with Kindness
Live Long & Prosper 🙏